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GAC Professional Development Conference

11:00 hs. | 20 de Enero | Portada

GAC Professional Development Conference

The GAC is a university preparation program which develops the skills and competencies that students need to be successful both at university and throughout their lives. It is an integrated program with all modules incorporating all or some of the skills required for 21st century living: collaboration, communication, creativity and innovation, cross cultural understanding, computation and career and learning self-reliance. The GAC provides students with critical thinking skills and critical literacy skills which enable them to apply knowledge to a range of complex situations.

The aim of this conference is to present participants with new ideas and techniques for navigating the GAC program as a whole and as a team; how to encourage active participation in classes; how best to manage GAC staff, parents and students and record keeping as well as suggesting many teaching and learning techniques to ensure the students are well prepared for success in their tertiary education.

At Instituto Chapultepec we believe that you deserve the best and to achieve this, we must continue learning.

Greetings from the Language Department.

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