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BA in English Language Teaching

11:02 hs. | 11 de Febrero | Portada

BA in English Language Teaching

Training goes on all the time. English Language Staff is not an exception at Instituto Chapultepec. The importance of continuous training and how to cut gathering times in half is critical to the efficiency of teaching operation and the well being of all the personnel from bottom to top.

When people in general are told about the need for continuous training, some  typical responses show up "ah, too much work"," I have no time", "another workload to perform and free time does not exist for me ".

Training does not necessarily mean the staff has to attend a one-day or even half-day face to face meeting. Nowadays different on line options are offered for those people whose aim is to become better individuals and professionals as well.

It is well known that adult continuing education is more popular every day. Adults are enrolling in distance education, continuing community education, and vocational education courses in increasing numbers.

Our Language staff members Jorge Obregón and Yair Diaz have already concluded another stage in their career development by accomplishing a Bachelor in Arts for English Language Teaching. Congratulations for such a big effort.

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