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Business visit to Agroindustrias del Norte

14:00 hs. | 12 de Mayo |

Business visit to Agroindustrias del Norte

Part of the learning experience involves a direct contact with real-life experiences. This makes learning meaningful and has a direct impact on students’ knowledge acquisition. This time, 11th Grade students from Sede Norte participated in a business visit to Agroindustrias del Norte as part of their GAC Business class.

Thanks to Dinorah García, who is in charge of the Corporate Social Responsibility Department, students were able to come into a direct contact with the different areas of Agroindustrias. We enjoyed a tour around the facilities and students were able to interact directly with different directors of different areas such as Marketing, Human Resources, Purchases, Finances, etc. Each of them explained what their main activities are from the perspective of their position and were able to clarify all questions students made in a clear and professional way.

“I have worked for four years in Agroindustrias del Norte and I had never seen such a respectful and well prepared group of students” said Dinorah.  Her comments really motivated students and made them feel even more interested in what each of the speakers said.

Overall, it was a great learning opportunity and a different way to understand terminology and content seen in class. So we are very glad to have participated in this activity as well as thankful to everyone at Agroindustrias del Norte and Instituto Chapultepec.


Brigido Medina,

Language Coordinator

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