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A trip to the wilderness

09:00 hs. | 30 de Mayo |

A trip to the wilderness

Twelfth graders went on a field trip to the wilderness of Imala, Sinaloa, Tuesday May 21st to put into practice the ecological notions spanned in GAC023 Science Class.

Thirty six students joined this colorful adventure, divided into three types of teams: 2 teams of plants, 2 of insects and 2 of birds. The teams of plants identified several species such as ebony, Mexican giant cardon, and the octopus cactus, assessed through the standardized ecological methods of transect and quadrat. The bird team performed birdwatching through fixed-ratio counting and were able to observe and identify very exotic, colorful species such as the Lineated Woodpecker and the Caracara, while the insect teams were able to catch and identify two different species of dragonflies and even observe some individuals of the Monarch Butterfly.

The purpose of this study was to provide evidence for a general overview of the physical conditions of the ecosystem (deciduous forest), its relations (biotic and abiotic factors) and the implications and impacts of human activity on biodiversity.

Materials used in the field trip: Bird guide, plant guide, binoculars, GPS, robe, butterfly net, screens and tape measure.

Teacher: Rogelio Pineda


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