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Teachers from faraway lands

17:26 hs. | 08 de Noviembre | Exalumnos

Teachers from faraway lands

Let’s give a warm welcome to some of our new additions to this school´s family and some others that have been with us for a while. We have teachers that come from abroad from three different continents; Europe, Africa and Asia. They are here to help indulge our students in foreign languages, which include English and French. Our students will have the opportunity to hear and work with different accents for the same language enhancing their knowledge of the same.

English will feature the presence of 3 foreign teachers. We have Bryan O’donovan, who was born in Ireland, but grew up in England. He is a native speaker with years of teaching experience. We also have Jian Peng Chen, who comes directly from China. He speaks English as a second language like all our Mexican English teachers, but he adds his own accent to it which our students will upfront in the real world. Finally we are in the process of having with us Alfred Abeeku, who is native to Ghana, Africa. Being a native speaker; he will have lots to offer to our students. These last two teachers are here with us for a year, but hopefully we will make them stay longer. Since they yearn to have our warming hospitality, the staying will be more pleasant.

Eric Boulet and Bruno Queyreire are our superb French teachers that come straight from France. Both of them born and raised in France, they have wide knowledge of their language and have the ability to not only teach grammar but also the correct pronunciation. This skill is essential in French. Besides teaching the language, they also engulf our students in their culture and ways of life.

To our current and future ICh’s parents “Don’t be surprised when your son demonstrates how to greet you in three different languages.  Just remember that he is that much more prepared to succeed in life. So: adios- good-bye-au revoir.”

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