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GAC Global Academic Director Visits Instituto Chapultepec

16:49 hs. | 27 de Septiembre | Portada

GAC Global Academic Director Visits Instituto Chapultepec

Last week, Mrs. Ros Washington, Global Academic Director of ACT Education Solutions, Limited, (owner of the GAC program) visited our Institute to observe how the program was being delivered to students. During this visit, she had the opportunity to talk to some members of the school staff related to the GAC program, the Principal, Director of studies, Teachers and the marketing team. The Global Academic Director also interviewed students from 10th,11th, and 12th grades currently enrolled in the program; Mrs. Ros was quite content to be in Culiacan and to corroborate all the progress made in students by the GAC program in only 2 years; Here we share some of her comments:

“As the Global Academic Director of AES and the GAC, I had the great pleasure of visiting the two boys schools Instituto Chapultepec- La Primavera and Norte last Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th September. I last visited two years ago when the schools had just commenced the GAC. It was wonderful to observe how well the program is now being delivered with sound organization and good teaching practice. Mayra Flores (Regional Academic Manager – Mexico city) and I interviewed students from each level to have their feedback. Although the program is challenging and requires  a lot of work and self-discipline, the students all said that they find it enjoyable and can see the benefits and improvements in themselves and their study habits. One student told us his brother is studying in college in Guadalajara Mexico. The brother told him that he wishes he had done the GAC as he needs all the academic skills they are being taught to perform well at his college.

The most rewarding aspect of the interviewing was to observe the significant changes in the students from level to level -for example, in confidence, communication skills and attitude to study.

I wish them all the best for the coming academic year and look forward to seeing you all at the graduation in June 2017 of the first generation of GAC students.

-Ros Washington

Global Academic Director”

Instituto Chapultepec

Languages Departament

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