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11th Science Class Experiment

11:00 hs. | 16 de Mayo | Portada

11th Science Class Experiment

With a few items brought from home and lots of creativity and organization displayed by the students, we actually reproduced in class the experiment first carried out by Thomas Young, which proves both the dualistic nature of light (particle and wave) in Quantum Mechanics and the Uncertainty Principle, postulated by German physicist Werner Heisenberg. We had a couple of previous sessions to grasp the theory behind this physical phenomenon and today we challenged our knowledge with practice. The experiment design was all set up by the students from scratch.

The experiment consists of a beam light passing through an array of slits so that the two complementary variables, location x and momentum p, were visually proved to be mutually limited. The wider is the location x, the more precise the momentum p is, and viceversa. Therefore, when the beam of light is made passed through a narrower slit the pattern observed on the wall in front of the slits is wider.

Laser pointer
Cardboard box
Sheet of glass (50cm x 30cm)

Teacher Rogelio Pineda


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