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International Week Chapultepec Primavera 2017

10:00 hs. | 20 de Junio | Portada

International Week Chapultepec Primavera 2017

After 5 days of high level competition in our 4 different contests: Spelling bee and  Jeopardy in English, and d’orthographe and Diction in French, our International week 2017 finally concluded, all students participated enthusiastically and so did their parents, the hard training provided by all language teachers made the International week an incredible and exciting event.

On June 13th, all participants received a congratulation diploma for their outstanding participation, and 1st, 2nd and 3rd places received their medals, this year participated almost a hundred students in all competitions, the competences were very closed and to choose a winner was really difficult for the judges.

The challenge for next year competitions is ambitious, and Chapultepec’s Primavera teachers are all ready to make next International week the same or even better than this one.

We want to thank specially all the support parents gave to their kids in each competition, they, along with their kids, teachers and the Maintenance staff made this event a great success.

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